Anti counterfeiting measures

 Since Counterfeiting Products has a bad impact on commerce, such as the loss of market share, the downgrading of brand image in the eyes of consumers and the increase in product liability troubl
Brand Management

 Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting has specialized IP experts to help you in managing your brands and other IP right through knowledge, use and protection. We will develop a solid pl
Watch services

Trademark watch is very important since by it the trademark owner can uncover potential conflicts or infringements to his registered trademark. Whether by inquiring about specific trademark, g
Investigation & infringement

Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting considers facts surrounding the use or non use of a Trade Mark, how it is used, in what markets, the extent of its reputation, etc. All this will be reported t
IP Consultancy and management

Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting offers professional consulting services for intellectual property rights. Our consulting services go through analysis for IP portfolios, and include basic oper
Legal / litigation / alternative dispute resolution

 All IP related legal services are offered by Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting. Our global professional lawyers are available to consult you over your IP rights. Litigation and other alte
Licensing and franchising

Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting offers all services related to Licensing and Franchising, such services include drafting the related agreements, providing legal consultations on the compatibi
Mergers, acquisitions

Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting specialized lawyers have a good experience in structuring and negotiating the best mergers and acquisitions solutions for you regarding your IP rights.  O
Manufacturing and distribution agreements

 Our professional specialized IP Experts provide services related to drafting all kind of agreements, in addition to negotiating the terms of such agreements, in particular manufacturing and dist
Survey research

 Survey research is important as evidence supporting IP rights in most cases. Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting experts offer conducting survey research in accordance with the client needs
Trademark prosecution, registrations, annulment, renewals, and oppositions.

Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting offers all supporting services for the ownership of trademark rights. These services cover trademarks pre-filing advice, filing, registration, renewals, h

 As one of the most important assets, intellectual property plays an increasingly large role as one of any company asset. Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting  will provide you with
Name generation/ logo creation

Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting can assist you in creating your own business logo and name which will present the right image of your Business. This tool will be essential for identifyin
Portfolio management

Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting is aware of the importance of keeping the IP rights records, fully organized and updated.   We offer full services regarding maintaining your IP port
Search & Clearance

 Search and clearance are essential to conduct in order to get to know any potential similar trademarks. Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting offer this service in high professionalism,