About us

Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting provides integrated professional intellectual property services worldwide through its independent full service IP lawyers; IP Litigators; IP agents; IP experts, IP investigators, IP trainers, IP Auditors and IP professionals.

“We aim to secure global presence so we can be close our clients” 

Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting is positioned to provide credible services for clients who are facing many challenges in securing their IP rights in ever changing international business environment. Corporations are faced with threats such as piracy, counterfeiting, infringements, profit losses and other unlawful acts that is affecting the security of their intellectual property rights.

Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting is committed to secure client's needs globally by rendering all IP services in any country of the world through local professionals with vast experience in their profession in their jurisdiction.

Our well qualified members provide full package of cost effective, integrated intellectual property rights services including but not limited to: patents, trademarks, planet variety, industrial designs and models, copyrights and trade secrets, as will as consulting, advising, protecting, defending, litigating, IP legal, anti counterfeiting, IP enforcement, managing, franchising, licensing, portfolios management and valuation in addition to all other services related to intellectual property worldwide. With such members, Intellectual Property Consulting Global Alliance "IPCG Alliance" members make up the world's largest IP professional services organization.